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    Operating in the Aerospace Industry, LEMANS AVIONICS has always met high quality standards. As a leading supplier of mechanical counters, gears and differentials, LEMANS AVIONICS Mechanical Components have been in use in critical high-accuracy applications from navigation instruments to ground support equipment. Our Aerospace roots have grown into a comprehensive approach to insure quality.
    Mechanical Altimeter


    LEMANS AVIONICS specializes in the manufacture of mechanical altimetric and barometric counters and accessories for the aeronautic industry since 1973.
    All types of counters can be developed, manufactured and repaired. Our extensive experience makes our products an example of fine workmanship and durability. Our counters are built to civil and military aircraft specifications and can be supplied in 2" and 3" versions.
    Altimetric Counter


    For near half a century, LEMANS AVIONICS has specialized in the painting and printing of digits and flags on metallic drums for display counters. The quality of our process has been acknowledged by the leading aeronautic instruments manufacturers. Painting can be processed in black and white or in color in accordance with all standard printing characters, and digits printed to both American and European specifications.
  • Altimetric Mechanical Counter

    Altimetric Counters

    LEMANS AVIONICS Altimetric Counters are specially designed for mounting in mechanical altimeters with aneroid capsules. They provide a precise and understandable display of the altitude thus being a key element in altimeters. Each counter is composed of several drums rotating over a main axis under the change of the atmospheric pressure due to the altitude change. The drums are linked through a fine mechanical gearing system providing a higher precision than the most precise of mechanical watches.
    Barometric Mechanical Counter

    Barometric Counters

    The Barometric Counters manufactured by LEMANS AVIONICS are a reference in terms of quality and robustness. Most mechanical altimeters have a barometer function. Thus there is a need for a Mechanical Counter for the display of the barometric value. These counters can be edited in Millibar Units as well as In-Hg Units. They can also be delivered with standard or fluo screening as well as in all standard printings.
    clean-room assembling

    Cockpit Clocks

    Through its years of experience in manufacturing counters, LEMANS AVIONICS has developed a precious know-how in the assembling of high precision mechanical components. Therefore, LEMANS AVIONICS offers now the manufacturing of Cockpit Clocks sub-assemblies. Elements are assembled by our highly-qualified staff and in clean-room facilities offering a great quality for sub-assemblies as basic clocks and chronographs.

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